Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
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2019 Season Casting

The Christians
​Directed by Constance Hester

Directed by Ryan Laskowski

Side Show
Directed by Garry Posey

-Daisy Hilton: Laurie Shaw
-Violet Hilton: Caitlin Overton
-Jake: Kenya White
-Buddy: Joseph Watts
-Terry: Jonathan Harris
-Boss: John Thomas Cecil
-Roustabout 1: James Ogden
-Roustabout 2: Jordan Otis
-Roustabout 3: John Thomas Cecil
-Ensemble: Marianna Allen, Jessica Leech, Apryl Hughes, Navilie Hughes, Callie Coplen, Jennifer Bryant, Kashun Parks, Jessica Thiess, Mary Christa Jaramillo, Bruce Shaw, Justin Almos, Zachary Green, Jeremy Wilkins, Ryan Laskowski, Eric "Red" Wyatt, Garry Posey
-Pastor: James Ogden
-Associate Pastor: Zachery Green
-Elder: Garry Lee Posey
-Wife: Casey Keelen
-Congregant: Ashley Burkhart
-Bobby: Taylor Williams
-Cladwell: Bruce Shaw
-Lockstock: Richard Nichols
-Barrell/Robbie the Stockfish: Joel Sanchez
-Hope: Maggie Williams
-Pennywise: Kara Funke
-Little Sally: Casey Keelen
-Mr. McQueen: Caelan Austin
-Old Man Strong/Hot Blades Harry: Garry Lee Posey
-Senator Fipp: Kashun Parks
-Tiny Tom: Layton Williams
-Soupy Sue/Secretary: Taryn Bracher
-Josephine Strong: Marianna Allen
-Little Becky Two Shoes/Ms. Millennium: Courtenay Cholovich
-Dr. Billeux/Executive/Cop: Joseph Watts
-Jilly Girl Jill/Executive/Cop: Jessica Theiss

Directed by Joseph Watts

A Kiss for Cinderella
​Directed by Kyle Dagnan

Billy Elliot
​​Directed by Garry Posey

-Lucia: Gioia Fazzini
-Carver: Bruce Shaw
-Maddy: Jennifer Bryant
-Ari: Taylor Williams
-Mr. Bodie: Zachery Green
-Policeman: Jacob Moore
-Cinderella: Jessica Theiss
-Dr. Bodie: Courtenay Cholovich
-Ensemble Member: Mary Christa Jaramillo
-Ensemble Member: Maggie Williams
-Ensemble Member: Joseph Watts
-Ensemble Member: Kyle Coplen