Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga
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by Bill Russell and Henry Krieger
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Directed by Garry Lee Posey | Music Direction by Terry Sanford | Choreography by Maggie Williams |
Stage Manager: Joel Sanchez | Costume Design: Garry Posey | Set Design: Martine Cartier |
Light Design: Martine Cartier and Garry Posey
Show opens February 8th closes February 16 2019.

“Perhaps the most endearing (at tragic) moment in the exciting lives of Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton is their death.  While both were sick, one died days before the other.  It brings new meaning to song ‘I will never leave you.’  What if in those moments, waiting, the lone sister saw their lives (the glories and the heartaches) helping her to understand she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”


Daisy Hilton – (Laurie Shaw) Soprano; big stage personality; dreams of fame
Violet Hilton – (Caitlin Overton) Soprano; dreams of normalcy

Terry Connor – (Jonathan Harris) Tenor; Promoter/Agent for entertainers; Slick
Buddy Foster – (Joseph Watts) Tenor; dancer/entertainer
Jake – (Jake White) Bari-Tenor; the African StrongMan Freak; gentle soul, loyal and protective
The Boss – (John Thomas Cecil) Tenor; the side show barker, focused, unforgiving

(either 4 M, 4 F or 2M/2F)
Roustabout 1 – (James Ogden) featured singer and dancer
Roustabout 2 - (Jordan Otis) featured singer and dancer
Roustabout 3 - (John Thomas Cecil) featured singer and dancer


Marianna Allen, Jessica Leech, Apryl Hughes, Navilie Hughes, Callie Coplen, Jennifer Bryant, Kashun Parks, Jessica Thiess, Mary Christa Jaramillo

Bruce Shaw, Justin Almos, Zachary Green, Jeremy Wilkins, Ryan Laskowski, Eric "Red" Wyatt, Garry Posey

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