By Matt Glickstein (Music) and Jason Spraggins (Book, Lyrics)

Years after her interviews with accused killer, John Wayne Gacy, famed forensic psychologist Dr. Judy Matthewson remains haunted by the case. As a survivor of abuse, she has devoted her career to studying the origins of violence as related to the human brain. She believes this case still holds hidden answers. Answers don't come easily. The Doctor's quest to uncover the elusive source of criminal violence leads her on a psychological journey that blurs the line between reality, John's "memories", and her own psyche.

Crawlspace is based on the story of a convicted serial killer. Although inspired by his own words and the public record of his life and crimes, this is a work of historical fiction. Certain names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. Fictional characters have been added, and liberties have been taken that differentiate this work from the true-life events. The musical is a theatrical re-imagining of the story and horror of the case and those who suffered in its wake.

Cyclone and The pig-faced lady

By Dana Leslie Goldstein (Book), Rima Fand (Music)

Sally Kaplan’s hit comic book “Cyclone” is set in the glamorous, seedy Coney Island of the 1920's, where Cyclone, a sultry gypsy heartbreaker, and her freakish twin sister, the Pig-Faced Lady, always save the day. But in the real world, there are no superheroes, and Sally must find a way to become the hero of her own story.

titty Bar

By McAdoo Greer (Book), Sherry Landrum (Lyrics), Ned Ginsburg (Music)

"Cookie Dough" D'Amico loves her job, but when the local strip joints are shut down by crusading politicians and a reluctant sheriff, she's forced to look elsewhere for work. The joints have been good for McCabe County, according to Cookie Dough, and once she explains her theory of Titty Bar Trickle Down Economics to her constituents, there's no stopping her run for public office. Well, nothing except opponent and lover, Sheriff Jesse Brock. This is the 21st century small town, Bible-belted, Wal-Mart-bombed, meth-addled state of Tennessee and as Cookie Dough's political campaign gathers steam, odd coalitions form. Yes, politics does make for strange bedfellows, and at the height of her notoriety, Cookie Dough turns up missing. And then Jesse. Could this be one of those murder-suicides like what happened over in the next county? Titty Bars answers this question, then asks another, "Who can find a virtuous woman?"

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