Through Commitment We Find Vulnerability

Garry's Garbles 01

Ensemble Theatre of Chattanooga's 2023 season is structured around the theme of commitment. Commitment to the community, commitment to the craft, commitment to the creators and the commitment to the cultural landscape. In DOUBT: A PARABLE, John Patrick Shanley forces his four characters to confront their commitment in their faith. He engages the audience in the experience of the performance through dialogue that creates impressions, uncovers questions, and fosters doubt. Conversely the dialogue creates a challenge for the actors in that no matter what choice they make, they will inevitably be presented with a moment of sheer vulnerability that they did not see coming. Truly ephemeral is the play whose story has just as much breath and life as the actors telling it and the director crafting it. We invite the audience to engage in discussion and debate over what they see on our stages. With us. With your fellow patrons. And more importantly with yourself.